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Ride of Hope Europe Team Stockholm - Cecilia Berg

My brother Christian got cancer when he was 6 years old. He fought his cancer for 2 years but sadly the cancer was too aggressive. He was 8 years old when he died and far too young to die. In his short life, he did however learn a lot. He learned to read and write, he learned to swim and to ride a bike. Due to illness he didn't always have the strength and the energy for long distance cycling, so he didn’t come that far.

The summer however, I will take Christian on a special ride! Together with me and Ride of Hope Europe, Christian will see England and Wales and after 8 days on the bike and 1000 km, he will reach London on the 6th of July.

Christian was brave and he has given me the courage to be brave. Join my cause and fight childhood cancer. Support my raise to London!

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