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Louder Life League

Louder Life League är en samling rockmusiker från Sverige och England som samlar in pengar till förmån för Barncancerfonden. Ladda ned låten "Turn it Down" från Itunes, eller skänk din gåva direkt till Barncancerfonden via denna insamling och alla intäkter går direkt till att främja och stödja fondens arbete.

At 6 years of age I bought my first record. After watching my older sister´s posters of a guy called Brian Connolly I kind of decided he must sound "loud"... and he did. So I bought The Sweet´s new single "Turn it Down". My life would never be the same again.

Two years later, May 1:st 1976 my dad took me to my first concert, to see The Sweet perform in all their glory. I was Eight. And scared shitless...

Once I heard that song in a Gothenburg radio shack, I knew exactly what I wanted to devote my life to, and eventually I did.

Since then I´ve had this dream of getting some people together to record that very song that made me fall in love with Rock´n´Roll.
The idea turned into something I frequently thought about during touring with DiAnno and Bonafide, but I just could´t find the time...
And while on the road you meet friends, colleagues and fellow Sweet fans, and all of a sudden you´re there: The moment arises when you can actually gather good friends to do your thing, and do it for a Good cause...
So I bring you LOUDER LIFE LEAGUE: Aiming at 25.000 SEK before August 1:st!

Rock On,
Mikael Fässberg
Rock Musician & Father of two

TURN IT DOWN by Louder Life League features:

Mikael Fässberg (DiAnno, BONAFIDE): Guitar
Rasmus Ehrnborn (DiAnno, Burning Kingdom): Guitar
Andy Scott (SWEET): Vocals & Guitar
Mats Levén (Candlemass, Yngwie Malmsteen): Lead Vocals
Micke Nilsson (BONAFIDE): Bass guitar
Clive Edwards (UFO, Wild Horses): Drums
Jens Westin (CORRODED): Vocals
Danny Hynes & Weapon UK: Vocals
John "Rhino" Edwards (STATUS QUO): Vocals

"TURN IT DOWN" by Louder Life Leauge will be released digitally June 4:th through all digital download and streaming sources.
ALL proceeds will be donated to the Swedish Childrens Cancer Trust.

The Song AND video will be premiered late May 2014 and the video will be shown at Sweden Rock Festival 2014, BUT you can, by visiting our link, NOW donate funds by visiting Louder Life Leauges campaign below.

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