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Welcome to Ewa Home

10% of every sold Ewa Switch will be donated to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. Retailers of these items automatically contributes to the fight against cancer in children. Thank you for joining us in supporting "The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation" with your purchase. We are proud to declare that 2017 we donated 12 000 SEK together with our customers. We have set the bar higher for 2018! Thank you for your help and support to ultimately have all children fully recover from cancer.

Maybe you are wondering why we started the “Ewa Home 2018” collection? In early spring of 2017 our 2,5-year-old daughter, Felicia, got diagnosed with acute leukemia. With cancer suddenly stealing all our attention we didn’t know how to muster enough energy and motivation to continue building our company Ewa Home. A company that we had fought a long time to get on its feet. As we decided to fight for our daughter’s recovery with all we got, it was clear to also align these goals. With the “Ewa Home 2018” collection building our company becomes another way to support our fight against cancer. With every sold Ewa product we contribute 10% to the collection. The more successful Ewa Home becomes the more money is channeled into the fight against childhood cancer. This is all the motivation we need to do our best to make Ewa Home the best it can be. Thank you for your help and support to ultimately have all children fully recover from cancer. We use Instagram to keep friends and family updated about Felicia and our everyday life. If you are interested please find us here: “@mallagraff”.

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  • Anna #1005

    Together we are strong! Thank you so much!

    Eva #1004

    Thank you for shopping with your heart!


  • Customers at Kvänum event in Malmö

    You make a difference/ Ewa Home

    Jonas #1003

    You make a difference

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