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Ride for Life!

Hi, my goal is to cycle 1000km from August to December to raise 4000SEK for research into fighting children's cancer and providing support to the affected families in Sweden.

I am a father of two healthy children, but have decided to join this cause because i want to support all children to have the right to pursue their interests and dreams in life, and grow up to be healthy adults.

Being an avid cyclist, i would like to use this opportunity to raise funds for children's cancer through cycling about 200-300 kilometers every month from August 2016 until the start of December 2016. I will share my cycling kilometers once a month (as recorded on Strava) via email and social media, and donations are accumulated to reach the target of raising 4000sek by December.

The monies raised are devoted to chid cancer research projects and providing special facilities and carers to the affected families.

I hope you will be interested to support this worthwhile charity.

Thanking You,
Neil Navneet.

The full description for participating in this charity is given above.

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