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Some very difficult news...

Together with Pixie we have wrote this first message of many…

On Tuesday evening when Pixie was getting ready for bed she wanted us to look at all the bruises she had. After a bit of discussion we realised that these bruises had spontaneously appeared without any explanation. We also found many tiny ‘freckles’ similar to bruises & Pixie told us how she had picked at a scab earlier in the evening and it took an oddly long time to stop bleeding. We called the children’s medical advice line (similar to 911). They recommended that we take Pixie directly to the closest emergency room. That was Tuesday approximately 10pm.

Quickly tests were done and she was admitted to Sachsska Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. Early Wednesday morning a team of Dr’s explained that they strongly suspected Leukemia. Pixie was taken by ambulance to Astrid Lindgrens Children’s Hospital Cancer Center shortly after we were informed. On Wednesday evening after more tests they officially diagnosed Pixie with Acute Lyfomatic Leukemia.

Today she will undergo bone marrow harvesting to understand just her disease better & make a plan for the best treatment for just Pixie. She will also have an underskin port placed in her chest to administer chemotherapy. The goal is to start aggressive treatment as soon as possible, most likely later today. We are naturally shocked & deeply sad however the prognoses for Pixie is good. She herself is sad & confused & has many questions. We as a family with all the kids especially Pixie want to be open and share what is happening with family & friends now that we have had a wee bit of time to absorb this.
If you would like to keep in touch with us please do this by text or email instead of phone calls. We will keep you updated as much as we are able.
Kandace Joel & the kids