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Kris & Anna's Wedding

It's not so much your presents, but your presence on our wedding day which is important to us, but if you were thinking to buy us a wedding gift, we would like to ask something of you...

It would mean a lot to us to have our special day make a difference to some families who are going through incredibly difficult times. Barncancerfonden is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and combating cancer diseases in children.

Please donate to Barncancerfonden any money you would have spent on a gift for us on this page.

How to donate...

It's fast and easy to donate online, and we would recommend this method. Please select the tab ''via webben'', and either enter your name in the box ''Namn i givarlisten'' or you can check the little anonymous (''Anonym'') box if you would prefer for your name not to appear.

You can then select one of the listed amounts (500 kr, 350 kr or 200 kr) to give, or you can enter a different amount in the ''Valfritt belopp'' box.

Please then select green box to move forward and register your donation*.

You can also donate by using your phone. Please select the tab ''via telefon'', and again, enter your name or choose to be anonymous.

If you select ''SMS'' you can donate directly by text message, and again you can choose one of the suggested amounts or feel free to enter your preferred amount. Please hit the green button to move on and register your donation*.

Alternatively if you select ''Betalsamtal'' you will be given a number to call and a 3 digit code (in bold) to be added at the end of the number, before finally adding a # - you can then ring to progress your donation.

*Once you have checked the green box to register a donation you will notice that an item appears in your shopping basket icon at the top of the screen (similarly to when you shop online). Please select your item and then go to the ''kassan'' (a green box) in order to complete your payment.

Thank you.

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