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Activate Sweden - With people, for people

Join me in my mission to activate Sweden and support the great job that Barncancerfonden does. I will tour Sweden by bike, start June 20th 2016, to raise awareness for this organization.

I, Meiju Vartiainen, will tour Sweden by bike with start June 20th 2016. With this project I want to support the job of Barncancerfonden because of that I know these children are the ones fighting every day, even if they are scared or tired. They show us that everything is possible if we do everything we can, wether it is about dreams, overwinning cancer or being brave enough to take upon a challenge that scares us. I see these kids as heroes.

The aim of this project is to get everyone in Sweden to challenge themselves and to learn them to appreciate themselves and what they have and at the same time overcome the obstacles that they face now and in the future. At the same time, I want to attract attention for the children and families who struggle daily against cancer. I believe we can, by opening people's eyes to how big challenges some people go through, inspire many people to dare to do things they have not dared to do before. I also believe that together we can make a big change.

During some stages of my journey people will have the opportunity to bike along and take upon a challenge and contribute to the great work that I know Barncancerfonden does.

Activate Sweden with me!

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