Annual Young NOPHO meeting 2020

Young NOPHO (YN) was founded for physicians-in-training and junior researchers from Nordic countries, who pursue a career in pediatric hematology-oncology in the frame of the NOPHO society. This include: a) to engage young physicians in clinics and research through participation in working groups i.e. being national study coordinators in collaborative studies; b) to strengthen the network among young workers in the field; c) to continuous development of the formalized educational program in NOPHO. Since the annual YN meeting in 2015 we have been arranging symposia for YN (coinciding with the annual NOPHO meeting) with clinical and scientific content from pediatric hemato-oncology in order to increase the number of participating YN-members as well as to provide a preparation for the NOPHO Annual meeting. Thus we invite experts in the fields focussed on during the annual meeting to provide presentations for YN, as well as giving young researchers/ clinicians the possibility to present their work. This approach led to a major improvement during the last years with steady increase of active participation at our annual YN meetings. The topics of this years meeting are genetic disposition to childhood cancer and targeted therapy and will be in line with topics of the annual meeting of NOPHO.