This impact report focuses on how we measure and follow up the progress made in our operations, and what we have achieved so far. For us, and for many other organisations that combat complex diseases, it is a challenge to address anything other than our vision – to eradicate childhood cancer. It is a long-term effort that requires patience. At the same time, we at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund strive to ensure that each individual initiative along the way is followed up and evaluated. We do this continuously and systematically, which is described in our review as well as this impact report.

All members of the Swedish Fundraising Association annually publish an impact report in which the organisations describe the path they are following to achieve their objectives, i.e. the processes forming the basis of changes and how far they have come in relation to their stated goals. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s impact report strives to meet the the Swedish Fundraising Association guidelines for impact reporting:

  • Clear
  • Accessible and comprehensible
  • Balanced and open
  • Verifiable and reliable
  • Proportional and relevant
  • Comparable
The Swedish Postcode Lottery - one of Sweden’s biggest lotteries. Its vision is that the world needs strong civil societies. Since its start in 2005, the Postcode Lottery has generated more than SEK 11 billion for non-profit organisations. In 2019 they gave SEK 21 million to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, and in total since 2005, the figure is SEK 527 million, thanks to everyone who bought lottery tickets. At the same time, over 1,200 Swedes have become millionaires.

The Swedish Fundraising Association has an established structure to ensure the quality of the work of fundraising organisations, which we in the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund follow. These questions form the basis of how we measure and follow up our impact and performance.

  • What the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund wants to achieve
  • The organisational context we are active in
  • The strategies we use to achieve our goals
  • The capacity and knowledge we have to achieve our goals
  • How we know we are making progress
  • What we have achieved so far

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Key issues that allow us to measure impact

We pursue the fight against childhood cancer by addressing clear, key issues. This is an important way for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund to continuously steer and measure the results of our work. It is also our way of making a real difference where it is needed most. By clarifying five key issues, we can make life easier step-by-step for children and families dealing with cancer.

Our impact report is based on five key issues in our operations:

  • More research into childhood cancer is needed
  • Constant skills development is needed in the paediatric oncology field
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of the patients’ and their families’ situation
  • Difficulties in daily life for survivors of childhood cancer
  • Lack of support for children with cancer and their families

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s impact report is structured based on how we approach and meet the challenges in each issue. The following sections contain a description of each issue and a motivation of its urgency, our approach to best addressing the issue, and activities that have been conducted to solve it. They also contain links, sources and evaluation results of completed activities.