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Annual review 2019

Administration report

As we summarise the 2019 year, we can look back on strong results, in terms of fundraising, robust financial performance and strong efforts within the operation. This chapter includes the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s Administration Report on 2019 and the year’s financial statements.

The research that the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund finances usually stretches over a long period. In practice, this means that when a research project is approved, we undertake to pay out funds for several years. In order to ensure that we can live up to these commitments, even in periods of reduced donations, some of the assets are managed in various types of financial instruments. To support this asset management, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s Board has a Finance Committee consisting of the Fund’s chief financial officer and individuals outside the Fund who possess strong knowledge of the capital markets. Over and above that, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund seeks to invest with managers that have an express sustainability perspective.

Thorbjörn Larsson, Secretary-General at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, comments on this year’s performance:

“In 2019 we generated SEK 459 million in fundraising, which is a completely unbelievable result. It has never happened before. This is due to the wonderful dedication of our donors and the fact that bequests have developed very strongly compared to budget and to the previous year.”
Child Supporter companies - 652 companies chose to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and the important work for children with cancer and their families, by becoming Child Supporters.

 Allocation within the operations

The majority of the funds we raise are used to finance research into childhood cancer diseases. At the same time, our work providing advisory services and support initiatives to children with cancer and their families, as well as our efforts to increase awareness of childhood cancer, are crucial if we are to achieve our vision. Our fundraising efforts are also an important component of our operations, to which 13 per cent of our donations are allocated. We are extremely careful here to ensure that every cent spent should generate clear value, so that we can do the most possible good for those who truly need it. A total of 5 per cent were used to cover administrative expenses.


Your donation*


increase in funds raised compared with 2018


million SEK distributed to the missions


of the revenues in 2019 went to the missions

Income statement


Amounts in SEK 000 2019   2018
Membership income/Operating income      
Grants/gifts received 330 588   322 614
Bequests 124 415   84 272
Sales to private individuals/the general public 4 092   4 687
Total income 459 095   411 573
Mission-related expenses      
  Research and training -302 266   -273 951
  Advice and support -44 699   -42 397
   Information -47 545   -57 807
Total mission-related expenses -394 510   -374 155
Administration expenses -23 929   -16 893
Fundraising expenses -59 294   -52 502
Total expenses -477 733   -443 550
Financial items
Result from divestment of securities and receivables 1 291   69 690
Interest income and similar income items 13 792   14 441
Interest expenses and similar income items -642   -784
Total financial items 14 441   83 347
Equity 643 321   647 517
Calculation model of Swedish Fundraising Control      
Total funds raised (income above) 459 095   411 573
Direct expenses for the sale of goods/services -528   -605
Interest income and similar income items 13 792   14 441
Interest expense and similar financial income items -642   -784
Total income according to Swedish Fundraising Control 471 717   424 625
Expenses as a percentage of total income, as reported by Swedish Fundraising Control    
Research and training 64,1%   64,5%
Advice and support 9,5%   10,0%
Information 10,1%   13,6%
Administration and fundraising expenses 17,6%   16,3%
  101,3%   104,4%

*Please note that the Swedish Fundraising Control’s calculations of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s income amount to a slightly higher amount than shown above. This is because our calculation model includes interest income and similar income items from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s long-term security holdings.