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The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund consists of six regional associations and a national organization.

Together, we work to support those affected, fund childhood cancer research, spread awareness about the situation of those affected, and contribute to positive development in all areas related to childhood cancer.

Since our inception in 1982, we have funded childhood cancer research with over three and a half billion kronor, making us the largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden. Our activities also include support efforts for affected children, survivors, and families, as well as educational initiatives to increase society's understanding of the situation of those affected. Each year, financial support is also provided to all childhood cancer clinics in Sweden to contribute to research, development, and patient and family support in the form of sibling supporters and consultant nurses.

Thanks to advances in research, 85 percent of children who develop cancer today survive. Despite this, childhood cancer remains one of the most common causes of death for children in Sweden, and some cancer diagnoses are still a death sentence. Of those who survive cancer, 70 percent suffer from late complications, 30 percent of which are severe. Physical and cognitive impairments, brain damage, secondary cancer, and mental illness hit hard on the individual, family, and society. The need for support during and after treatment is therefore great. We work so that all those affected by childhood cancer can survive and live a good and long life.


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