The Mission of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

Personal commitment laid the foundation for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund when parents and healthcare professionals came together in the early 1980s to fight childhood cancer and support those affected. Local childhood cancer associations were established at several hospitals, united behind a shared vision that all children diagnosed with cancer should survive.

As the largest single financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund has long served as a hub in the fight against childhood cancer. We play a central role in combating the disease and have been almost exclusively funded by support from private donors and companies, both large and small. One of the most crucial aspects of our mission is to manage our collected funds properly and ensure that every donated krona makes the greatest possible impact.

Today, six regional associations and a national federation work to support those affected, fund childhood cancer research, spread awareness about the situation of those affected, and contribute to positive development in all areas related to childhood cancer.

Stronger Together

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, doing it alone is not an option. At the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, we are and should be open to collaborating with others, especially those who share our mission or otherwise strive to improve the reality for children with cancer. To maximize our impact, we can coordinate a research call together with another party, jointly plan advisory and support activities that can benefit more people, or work actively with others to advance an issue that spans a broader area.

Part of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's mission is to be there for everyone who needs us. To be there for those affected, for their families, for those in need of advice and support, for those who want to engage in important research issues, for those who have survived childhood cancer, and for those who wish to spread our message. And, of course, for anyone who wants to contribute.

Our Vision

Everyone affected by childhood cancer should thrive, not just survive.