Our organization

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the coordinating body and national umbrella association for the country’s six regional childhood cancer associations.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to fight childhood cancer and ensures that affected children, youth and their families receive the care and the support they need. The Fund does this by four important areas of operation:


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the single largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden. All the great progress in the treatment of paediatric cancer is due to research.


Through measures such as the Childhood Cancer Report, PR and opinion-shaping, we spread awareness of childhood cancers and the situations of the children and their families, in order to make their lives easier.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is constantly working to improve support for children with cancer and their families. For example, the organization funds the peer support programme and consulting nurses at the nation’s six paediatric oncology centres.


One of the most important tasks of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is to support research, and this requires extensive resources. That’s why the fund works continually to step up its efforts and find new paths into people’s hearts.