During the course of the year we launched our new communication concept, which highlights that there are some words that go together with children and some that should never be written together with children. Besides pointing out how unfair it is that children develop cancer, the concept also shows how unexplainable the disease is. Researchers still have no answer to why some people develop cancer – it is a disease and a word that should not exist.

The launch of this campaign in autumn 2019 also marked the beginning of childhood cancer month, which is in September. The campaign has been visible on digital outdoor screens, in print and online. The children who participate and share the words “childhood cancer” have all been, or are currently, in cancer treatment. A video was also developed for the new concept. It shows Ruben, age 8, who has had cancer. The background music is our own version of Guns N’ Roses’ classic Sweet Child O’ Mine.



Since 1982, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund has been working to make sure that more children survive cancer, and to support these children’s families. During that same time period, survival has increased to about 85%. Despite this, childhood cancer is still the most common cause of death for children aged 1 to 14 in Sweden.