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Yoga of Hope host

Who can host an Yoga of Hope class?

Any yoga studio, no matter where in the world or what kind of yoga you are practicing.

How do I register to become a Yoga of Hope class host?

You register on www.yogaofhope.com

Does it cost anything to host a Yoga of Hope class?

No, it's free. You contribute with your time, instructor and location.

How many participants can take part in a Yoga of Hope class?

We recommend that your Yoga of Hope class has the same number of participants that you have at your normal Saturday classes. 

How many Yoga of Hope classes can I arrange?

We recommend that you start by registering one Yoga of Hope class. When that one is full you can register a second class. You have to create a separate event for each class.

Can my students pay in another currency than Swedish kronor?

No, unfortunately not. Our system can only deal with Swedish kronor.

Yoga of Hope participants

What does it cost to participate in a Yoga of Hope class?

You decide if you want to pay 200 SEK (approx US$21), 250 SEK (approx US$26) or 300 SEK (approx US$31). There is no difference in what's included in the yoga class. We just want to make it easier for you to contribute to the important childhood cancer research in the way that suits you.

How do I find a Yoga of Hope class near me?

You will find the registered Yoga of Hope classes by sorting by city, class name or by using our map function.

There is no Yoga of Hope class in my city, what can I do if I wish to participate?

All yoga instructors and studios world wide are welcome to host a Yoga of Hope class, so please ask your local yoga studio/instructor to register a Yoga of Hope class. 

There is no Yoga of Hope class in my city, can I still support the Yoga of Hope event?

Yes, we welcome all contributions and you can donate a gift to Yoga of Hope.

What happens when I have registered to participate?

You will receive a confirmation of your payment by email. If you have not received it within 10 minutes, please check your junk box. Bring this confirmation to your Yoga of Hope class on 1-3 November - it will be your ticket to the class.
Your name will appear in the list of notified members of the Yoga of Hope class you have signed up for. It may take 5-10 minutes before your name appears.

I can't find my name on the list. Why?

Please email: 


Who can participate?

Everyone! Experienced yogis or beginners. Friends, colleagues, families. Everyone is welcome.


General Information

What is Yoga of Hope?

A global charity event, that has the aim to increase awareness and funding for childhood cancer research, and support affected children and their families.

In what way will you use my donation?

The raised funds via yogaofhope.com will go directly to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund to benefit children with cancer.

What does the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund do?

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat child cancer.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund operates exclusively on the basis of donations from individuals and the private sector, and receives no grants from the national government, the municipalities or the county councils.

Read more about Barncancerfonden, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund here.