About Yoga of Hope

Yoga of Hope is a global charity event with the purpose of raising awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer.

Yoga instructors worldwide may participate by hosting and teaching any type of Yoga of Hope class. 

Registration to these classes will be open to anyone that wishes to participate in this event. The participation fee is 100 Swedish kronor (approximatly USD 12).

All class registration fees will be directly donated to the Swedish Childhood Cancer foundation to contribute to research aiming to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children. 

Yoga of Hope 2018 

Registration for hosts for Yoga of Hope 2018 will open in May 2018 and Yoga of Hope will take place on November 17th 2018.

Four ways to contribute

  1. Host a yoga class (no cost to host a class – you contribute with your time and studio) 
  2. Join a yoga class ( you pay 100 SEK (approx. US $ 10) to participate in a class) 
  3. Partipcate online ( you pay US $ 10 via oneOeight.com – Oneoeight will forward your payment to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) 
  4. Donate (via yogaofhope.com)