Welcome Streamer!

Stream games – save children with cancer! To be a part of Stream of Hope means that you support the critical research which saves childern, all while doing what you love the most – streaming and playing games.

This year we up the ante by inviting everyone – all over the world – to join us in the fight against childhood cancer. Gamers and streamers will use their own twitch channels on a chosen time during the three days. Money is raised through donations on the streamers twitch channel.

All streamers can join Stream of Hope, it doesn't matter how many followers or viewers you have. Start by filling out the form below and we will get back to you by mail as soon as possible! Meanwhile – join our community at Discord through the link in your registration confirmation email.

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The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and Content Lab are joint data controllers of your personal data that is being processed in connection with live streaming online events. We care about your privacy and always strive to protect your data in the best possible way in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and other data protection laws applicable at the time of processing.

To learn more about how the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and Content Lab process your personal data, please visit and read through our privacy policies by clicking on the links Privacy policy the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and Privacy policy for Content Lab.

To learn more about our Rules of Conduct for streamers, click here.

Thank you for wanting to donate your time and contributing to the cause.

Looking forward to see you!