The history of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

On January 1st in 1982, representatives of the six regional childhood cancer associations in Sweden met and formed the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

Parents and staff joined forces within the associations in order to improve the situation for sick children and their families. The task of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund was to raise funds in order to support research for children with cancer, to provide further training for staff, and to distribute information on children with cancer.

The first fundraising campaign was organized in 1985. Research support totalling SEK 400 000 was granted that same year. During its anniversary year in 2002 the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, which now finances over 90 per cent of paediatric cancer research in Sweden, awarded SEK 69 million to research. 

Cancer in children is no longer a death sentence. Instead, since 1995, three out of four Swedish children with cancer survive. The partnership between research and clinical work has resulted in this impressive achievement. The future ambition of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is that all children suffering from cancer will be cured. 

Most individuals agree that being healthy is very important. It is hard to understand why children should fall ill with a fatal disease, and the thought of our very own children or grandchildren suffering is almost impossible to bear. Children should not fall prey to life-threatening diseases, it is unfair and senseless. 

This view is precisely why a lot of people donate to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. Individuals, as well as associations and companies, pledge their time and/or money for this cause.

All activities carried out by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund are financed by means of donations and legacies, therefore it is crucial for the continuance of this commitment that all these people sustain in their generosity.