Research projects funded by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund generally take several years to complete. In practice, this means that when a research project is approved, we undertake to pay out funds for several years. In order to ensure that we can live up to these commitments, even in times of reduced donations, some of the assets are managed in various types of financial instruments. To support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s asset management the Board has a Finance Committee consisting of the Fund’s chief financial officer and individuals outside the Fund who possess strong knowledge of the capital markets.

Åke Wideqvist, chief financial officer at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, comments on this year’s performance:

“With over SEK 400 million in fundraising for 2018, this year’s results are also fantastic. And this is completely due to the wonderful dedication of our donors. From a financial perspective, we have performed well. In 2018 we raised SEK 411.6 (425.1) million. This is somewhat lower than the previous year, due to an individual donation of a whopping SEK 50 million, which pushed us to higher levels in 2017.

In 2018 we distributed a record SEK 274 million to research. This increase ensured that more research projects were funded this year, once again thanks to our donors. In addition, we established a Nordic collaboration aiming to enhance interdisciplinary research.”

Distribution of donations

The majority of the funds we raise are used to finance research into childhood cancer diseases. At the same time, our work providing advisory services and support initiatives to children with cancer and their families, as well as our efforts to increase awareness of childhood cancer are crucial if we are to ultimately achieve our vision. Fundraising is also an important component of our operation, to which 11 per cent of our donations are allocated. Nevertheless, we are extremely careful here to ensure that every cent spent should generate clear value, so that we can do the most possible good for those who truly need it. A total of 4 per cent of our donations are used to cover administrative expenses.


Your donation

  Your donation
Research and training 62
Advice and support 10
Information 13
Fundraising 11
Administration 4