Edrington Walk Of Hope

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Welcome to Edrington's Walk Of Hope!

The words child and cancer do not belong together. Walk with us in the fight against childhood cancer. Sign up for our Walk of Hope to help raise money for the Childhood Cancer Foundation


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s yearly Walk of Hope is here and this year it is going virtual. We want to be a part of that. Edrington’s Walk of Hope will take place September 1st. The concept is simple – sign up, walk 3km September 1st and you have done it!  

You can walk anywhere you would like and still participate.   


To join:

1. Sign up to Edrington’s Walk of Hope. Please use the link above to access our walk and the press “Anmäl dig” (Sign up).The fee is 100 or 150SEK or if you wish to enter with your family 250SEK. 

2.Once you have signed up you will receive an email containing your race code (loppkod). 

3. Download the RaceONE app on your iPhone. Login or create a user in the app.  

4. Search for Edrington’s Walk of Hope, you need to write the full name.   

5.Press ”jag är deltagare” (I am a participant) in the RaceONE app. Enter your race code(loppkod), the race code will be emailed to you when you have bought your ticket. 

6. Press ”starta loppet” (start the race) when you are ready to start.  

When you have completed your walk press ”målgång”. You have then finsihed the race and your participation is registered in the app. Please share your participation in social media with #walkofhope. 


Please feel free to invite your family and friends!  


Hope to (virtually) walk with you,  

Ella, Josefin & Wilma   



  • Edrington
  • Luntmakargatan, 11137, Stockholm Sverige
  • wilma.ekwall@edrington.com
  • 0735458363

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