Annual report and review

“2015 was yet another record year for fundraising, which allows us to allocate even more money to research and take yet another step towards our vision,” says Secretary-General Per Leander.

Here we present some of the 2015 results in brief, divided into our four areas of operation. The Annual Report for 2016 will be released in the spring.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the single largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden, and also provides financial support to the development of new treatment methods and continuing education in the field of childhood cancer.

Some of this year’s results:

  • Specialist training abroad has been implemented.
  • A new research committee, Bio III, was created to handle a growing number of grant applications.
  • Four new registrar positions with a focus on research have been approved to stimulate interest in paediatric oncology among doctors.
  • The new, shorter paediatric oncology nurse training course was held for the first time.
  • Extra support for entering historical information from previous paediatric cancer patients in the SALUB register.
  • For the first time, the Fund co-funded a ‘clinical trial centre’ at the paediatric oncology centre in Stockholm.
  • 30 nurses attended the introductory course in paediatric oncology for nurses new to the field.
  • The organization funded 26 research positions and 17 placements in paediatric oncology.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to ensure that children with cancer and their families in all parts of the country have equal opportunities for advice and support during and after their treatment.

Some of this year’s results:

  • Extension of school materials and development of a video about the hospital school to give families with cancer an understanding of their right to support in school, plus information to school staff about the schooling situation of children with cancer.
  • Focus on adult survivors of childhood cancer, for example the Maxa Livet (Get the Most Out of Life) conference. With the support of the Postcode Lottery, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is also developing a special programme for the target group.
  • The oraganization funded 15 specialist nurses at Sweden’s six paediatric oncology centres.
  • The organization funded 8 sibling support coordinators at Sweden’s six paediatric oncology centres and at Lilla Erstagården, Scandinavia’s only hospice for children.
  • The giant youth camp in Bokenäs had 165 participants.
  • About 100 families have visited Almers Hus during the year for a week of recreation and relaxation.
  • A total of six stays were arranged at Ågrenska during the year.
  • A total of 50 siblings of children with cancer have participated in one of the camps and stays arranged for them during the year, including a sibling camp in the Stockholm archipelago, a sibling week in Barrets-town in Ireland and a sibling week at Ågrenska.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to spread information about childhood cancer and the situation of affected children and their families, as well as to enhance the Fund's own brand. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the issue and boost understanding in society for families dealing with cancer.

Some of this year’s results

  • 30% thought the Barncancergalan – det svenska humorpriset increased their interest in the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's work to raise more money for childhood cancer research.
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund won the advertising prize ‘100-wattaren’ in the ‘long-term’ category for its symbolic blue chair.
  • Sifo surveys indicate that 90% of respondents would recommend donating money to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, and that brand awareness averages 91%.
  • The 2015 Childhood Cancer Report was published and the previous report was awarded the Publishing Prize.
  • Several new publications, including the magazine Maxa livet for adult survivors of childhood cancer, the children’s book Vova får cytostatika and several informational publications for families of children with cancer.
  • Barn&Cancer published five issues and the Magazine of Hope came out for the third time to inspire companies to work more with CSR.
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's support forum Kundo had 30,349 visitors and came in second in the Customer Forum of the Year contest.
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's digital channels grew in size and number during the course of the year. For example, a podcast and an Instagram account were launched.
  • The initiative continued – a knowledge-based channel with editorial content about childhood cancer.
  • 35% of the Swedish population was aware that childhood cancer is the most common cause of death for children aged 1–14. Source: Sifo, November 2015.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is constantly developing new ways for individuals and companies to contribute to the battle against childhood cancer. Our donors’ great dedication made 2015 a new record year.

Some of the year’s results

  • In total, corporate donors contributed SEK 152 million, including 128 million that was raised through collaborative ventures and sporting events.
  • Donations from private individuals amounted to SEK 186 million in 2015.
  • During the course of the year, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling joined the ranks of our long-term key partners and Bestseller contributed at the key partner level with its Give A Day event. In addition, several more major partners joined us this year.
  • Several of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's partners tell us that their CSR collaborations have boosted their companies in many ways: greater employee satisfaction, more attractiveness as an employer and an enhanced brand.
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's sporting events grow by 15–20% each year, and two new events started in 2015.
  • Donations from wills and inheritances increased significantly to SEK 84 million over the course of the year.
  • The initiative to gain more Child Supporters was successful. The number of monthly donors increased to 24,500 by the end of 2015. Their donations amounted to SEK 24 million.
  • Spontaneous donations amounted to SEK 33 million.
  • Memorial and honour donations increased to SEK21 million.
  • The video with ice hockey legend Peter Forsberg and young Mattias who has leukaemia contributed to this year’s fundraising record. Direct marketing in connection with the campaign alone gave SEK 5.8 million.
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund’s fundraising campaigns were awarded with the Guldnyckeln (Gold Key) direct marketing award.
  • Fully 60% of Child Supporters were recruited thanks to the new digital sign-up option