Fundraising Policy

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's fundraising policy.

Approved by the Board of Directors 22 March 2019 (the document is reviewed annually in April/May).
Document owner: Camilla Nielsen, acting head of corporate fundraising.

1.1 Purpose

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's fundraising policy shall clarify our view of fundraising and provide donors with greater insight into our fundraising initiatives.

1.2 lntroduction

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's fundraising policy is rooted in the values for which the organisation stands. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund follows Swedish Fundraising  Control's fundraising rules, isa member of the Swedish Fundraising Association and follows the Swedish Fundraising Association's quality code. All fundraising must take into account the regulations in force in the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and the Marketing Act at all times, in such cases that they must be observed. The annual reoort and review must be easily accessible to donors and the general public.

1.3 Trust

Fundraising must be carried out in a trustworthy way. Information associated with fundraising must be factual and accurate.

Photos and texts in marketing

All fundraising must take place with great respect for and consideration taken to participants. lndividuals in photos or text in the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's fundraising material must always approve their participation prior to publication. This applies to both children and their families, as well as to professionals - healthcare personnel, researchers, or others. Guardian consent must always be obtained when the participants are children. Specially designed guardian consent forms are to be used for this purpose. Participants should be able to feel great trust in the organisation and be aware of how fundraising takes place. They must always have the opportunity to change the content or to completely abstain prior to final approval. All information must be accurate and must always be fact-checked by at least two people from the communications department, independently, prior to printing. Participants also have the right to revoke their consent to appear with images and names in digital media, as well as in printed material that has not yet been produced.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund never releases the contact details of individuals who participate in our communication. In the event that the recipient wishes to contact one of the participants, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund receives the request and leaves the decision up to the individual.

1.4 Fundraising objectives

Most fundraising benefits the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund in general and do not relate toa specific project or purpose. The purpose of the organisation must be clearly stated in all

fundraising activities, so that donors have no doubts in this regard. In the event that misunderstandings arise despite all efforts, we will deal with such situations in a professional manner and promptly resolve any misunderstandings.

lf the fundraising hasa specific purpose, this will be clearly stated.

The purpose of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund shall be clearly stated in the review and on the website.

1.5 Reporting of funds raised, expenses and grants awarded

Funds raised, expenses and grants awarded shall be reported in the annual report and review. Expenses associated with fundraising activities shall meet the requirements of the Swedish Fundraising Association and Swedish Fundraising Control.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's partners must report funds raised and costs so that the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund can ensure that all fundraising activities comply with the above requirements.

1.6 Respect for the donor and processing of personal data

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's donors are crucial for the fight against childhood cancer. It is therefore important that donors feel secure about how we handle donations and process personal data.

All personal data are treated confidentially and may not  be shared  with or disclosed  to  any third party except in specific cases according to this paragraph. This applies to all personal information, regardless of whether it cancerns donors, participants, recipients, or others. When processing personal data, their rights in relation to us, such as the right to receive an extract of the information we have regarding the individual, must  be fulfilled. We shall be accommodating in response to questions regarding our processing of personal data and, to the appropriate extent, inform the concerned individuals about our privacy policy, which describes how we process personal data.

1.7 Donations for specific purposes

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund generally does not earmark donations for specific types of cancer, projects, or other purposes. All research grants are awarded by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's research committees.

lf a donar wishes to earmark a donation and we cannot fulfil this request, we will contact the donar and explain the option of changing the request or receiving a refund if desired.

1.8 Complaint management and refunds

We are always respectful and friendly in our dealings with the public when handling complaints. Complaints are always followed up and relevant measures are taken. lf donors should change their minds or express poor judgement for any reason and would like to have their donation refunded, this should be respected as far as possible. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund Donar Service contacts the donar and ensures that the donation has been refunded.

Complaints must always be handled within two weeks.

1.9 Refusing a donation

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund reserves the right to refuse donations, collaborations and fundraising that is not in line with our core values or that could conceivably harm the organisation, our reputation or our brand in any other way.

Ethical guidelines for fundraising

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund does not accept donations or collaborate with companies or organisations that:

  1. participate in illegal, corrupt, or unethical activities, or are subject to UN, EU or US sanctions.
  2. have their business in the arms or pornography
  3. have their principal business in the alcohol, tobacco, or gambling industry (with the exception of "gambling for non-profit purposes").
  • We will refund money if it comes to our knowledge that we received donations from companies or organisations as described
  • Our ambassadors should share our view of ethics and not engage in collaborations withcompanies or organisations themselves as described above.
  • We do not accept donations from political parties, since we do not want to risk that it could be perceived that we are influenced by political interests. Memorial donations and registration fees for events are exception to this rule. We accept donations from private individuals, even if they are members of a political

1.10 Marketing aimed at minors

No fundraising activities initiated by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund shall focus on individuals under the age of 18.

The purpose and activities of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund are aimed at children. Many private initiatives on our behalf are therefore also started by minors, such as school classes and sports organisations. Where children participate in one way or another, greater consideration must be taken to their privacy.

1.11 Handling of the sale of donations in the form of real estate and personal property, as well as securities

Bequests and securities for which the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the beneficiary shall be converted inta cash as soon as possible at the appropriate time. Donations in the form of real estate and personal property shall also be converted inta cash, unless the intention is that the donation shall be used by affected families.

The sale of real estate and personal property must be carried out properly, with all steps in the process clearly documented. Any specific requests from the donar must be taken inta account so that as much as possible of the value of the donation will benefit the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

The sale of property must take place in such a way that the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is notat risk of being held liable for the property, its condition, or any measures that may need to  be taken after the sale has taken place.

1.12 Disputes related to bequests

We will engage legal counsel to handle disputes arising from bequests for which the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the beneficiary that are contested by other parties, with the goal of fully respecting the intentions of the deceased.