Ethical guidelines for fundraising

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund reserves the right to refuse donations, collaborations and fundraising that is not in line with our core values or that could conceivably harm the organisation, our reputation or our brand in any other way.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund does not accept donations or collaborate with companies or organisations that:

  1. participate in illegal, corrupt, or unethical activities, or are subject to UN, EU or US sanctions.
  2. have their business in the arms or pornography
  3. have their principal operation in the alcohol or tobacco or unregulated gambling industry. (with the exception of "gambling for non-profit purposes").
  • We will refund money if it comes to our knowledge that we received donations from companies or organisations as described
  • Our ambassadors should share our view of ethics and not engage in collaborations with companies or organisations themselves as described
  • We do not accept donations from political parties, since we do not want to risk that it could be perceived that we are influenced by political interests. Memorial donations and registration fees for events are exception to this rule. We accept donations from private individuals, even if they are members of a political

The ethical guidelines for fundraising are part of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's fundraising policy.